With the speed of her paintbrush, Chloé Nelson merges physical fragmentation and emotional depth in a push to re-articulate the portrait genre. Taking a stylistic page from the work of Chantal Joffe and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Chloé's paintings explore the behind-the-painting narrative through a game of hide-and-seek. Her fragmented and non-blended strokes paint a picture by omission, revealing what's hidden through the gaps. Chloé's visual inspiration pools from loaded stills featuring high emotional drama. "I like to capture the poignant feelings without being on the stage, showing depth through absence rather than detail," she says.

Chloé is a founding member of Roofless Painters in Los Angeles, California and currently lives in the UK and paints at her studio at The Yard in Winchester.


  • Goldfinched, Cabinet Rooms, Winchester, UK


  • Liberty Wavers, A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • Goldfinched, Leiminspace, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

  • Roofless Painters, Canvas Gallery, Winchester, UK


  • Wish You Were Here, A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • Kiss My Rainbow, WeWork La Brea, Los Angeles, CA

  • Painting for Justice, As We Dwell, DTLA Arts District, Los Angeles, CA

  • Ready Painter One, Scum & Villainy Cantina, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

  • Barba Contemporary Art, Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA


  • Eternal Marionettes, Bob Baker Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

  • Plein Heritage, Heritage Square Museum, Los Angeles, CA​


  • LA en Rose, Art Works Studio, Larchmont, Los Angeles, CA​